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Kepada semua pelanggan yang dihormati, buat masa sekarang saya TIDAK menerima sebarang tempahan menjahit manik sehingga diberitahu kelak ...harap maklum...terima kasih!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jahitan Manik

Antara jahitan manik yang dijahit sendiri oleh saya :
~ Di leher baju ~
~ Di lengan baju yg agak simple sb kt leher dh sarat ~

~ Di lengan baju kurung ~
jalur tu boleh dibuat byk tp atas kesukaan masing2 laa..

The Testimonials of Bio Disc

On the 8 Feb 2007, I visited a patient, Mr Wong Ah Fooh 50 years old who suffer from liver cancer for the last 5 years - 2 days ago, Doctor has send him home to reunion with his family for CNY- as his condition is getting worse. When I saw him, his both legs, stomach were swollen. He is not able to walk, and hardly eat anything as his stomach was very painful. Face pale and so weak to even talk to me. What I do then was energized some water for him to drink (advise him to drink as much as possible) and place 4 bottles of water near his bed corners. And supply him water for the next 2 week. Today (14 days later), I went to see him again. To my surprise, he was the one to open the door for me. And his pain on the stomach has reduced a lot. Both legs were back to normal and he is able to eat food again. Amazing!

Eng Liang (Malaysia)

Kak Gee from Seremban has a sister who get stroke recently and has history of hypertension, her half body (right side) paralyse and even her mouth can't speak. Kak Gee use her Amezcua Bio Disc maximum as she can anti-clockwise to her sister almost every hour and put Amezcua Bio Disc energised water to every corner of the room and bathe her. Surprisingly within 24 hrs, her sister slowly open her mouth & starts to speak, her right hand now can lift up and fingers can move! Amazing and this has help her family a lot as the improvement has give them a hope to see her sister back again.

Linda (Malaysia)
Why did I buy Amezcua Bio Disc?
Because of my breathing problem. They said the disc can create energy and can maybe help me solve it. So I bought one and tried it.One day while sitting down and reading my newspaper, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable. I couldn't breathe and so I used the disc and placed it on my chest, slowly feel better.I drink the Bio water everyday and place the disc under my bed every night. When I wake up in the morning my body feels very light & fresh. I also had backache and skin problems. During the night when I sleep, my skin always felt very itchy. Now, my backache problem is much better and my skin no longer feels itchy and has become smooth. Also my breathing problem has been solved.I can feel it improving my health.Thank you.
Julie Ying (Singapore)


I'm really happy using Amezcua Bio Disc since I get many benefits from it. I'd like to share my experiences because I feel I have received a blessing from God.

The first time I knew about Amezcua Bio Disc was when I was at the V-Conference in Malaysia on April 2006. Honestly when I heard the presentation in the conference room attended by 2,500 people, I didn’t really understand it. I was honoured to be invited to the small 3 hour-briefing. After that, I start understandingthe root cause of why people get sick easily. I went through the demo also and I decided to buy Amezcua Bio Disc.

Why did I buy it? Just a simple reason. I have 2 sons, 8 & 3 years. They often get the flu & cough when their friends at school have get it. After that, it's my turn to have that "sweet disease". As a result I have to go to the doctor & spend around $30/person, equal to $90 for 3 persons. As I always say, ‘getting sick is very expensive’. If I buy this Amezcua Bio Disc for $370, I can use it to maintain my family’s wellness and health for 15 years .... It's really cheap. That's why I bought it at the V-Conference in Malaysia.

I got back home and used it to treat my drinking water everyday. I always bring it in my bag. When I have lunch or eat at the restaurant, I always treat my beverage as much as I canwith Amezcua Bio Disc. (It becomes an energy beverage). After 2 weeks I got amazing results. Here it is:

1. I always have problems after doing exercises on the treadmill. I always feel dizzy, sleepy and faint (which I'm not expecting) after my exercise. That's why I’ve stopped exercising for years. But after I drink energy water, I never feel dizzy, sleepy or faint anymore. I feel fresh & well after exercising, until this moment.

2. One day after doing exercises, as usual, I continued with swimming. Again I stayed feeling fresh after swimming and didn't feel tired. I realized it when I took a bath.

3. Another improvement. Usually, I always feel tired and faint after driving for a whole day. But now, after drink energy water everyday, I stay feeling fresh.

That's the amazing improvement to my body. I feel that the immune system of my body is getting better & better.

I strongly suggest to everybody to use Amezcua Bio Disc if you really care about your own health and wellness and if you really care about your family’s wellness & health.

As I always say GETTING SICK IS REALLY EXPENSIVE. Hope my experience will be a blessing for everybody.

Melani Soesiawatie (Indonesia)


In December of 2004, I was admitted for a surgical process, apparently simple, but due to a medical mistake, I got the risk of having cancer cells spread out on all my organs. In April of 2006, after some alternative treatment and a change of medical team, I was admitted for conventional surgery. It took me 60 days to recover, but the doctors decided, for prevention, that I should take 6 sessions of chemotherapy. So, each 21 days, the sessions took place. After each session comes muscle pain, sleepless nights and crying with pain. I could not explain from where or how came these pain. I had to take strong medicines due to the pain and to get sleep.

At a QUESTNET meeting, my husband knew about all the wonderful benefits of Amezcua Bio Disc and told this to me, but I could not appreciate it well because I had tested so many products before. Thank God, my husband believed in it and bought two Amezcua Bio Discs. He arrived home with such a beautiful box as it was the most precious jewel that someone could receive. We started the tests, placing the Amezcua Bio Disc under my mattress. I could sleep all night long, without medicines and without pain. My husband put the other Amezcua Bio Disc to energize a big bottle of water. I started to use Amezcua Bio Disc on my back. From then on, I, who used to drag myself around with pain on my legs before, could now use high heels, walking normally without pain, I have my skin ruddy, with an excellent look. Today, drinking energized water, I am free of nausea and heartburn and I can eat better. My family and friends are so surprised with the changes in me. I AM ANOTHER PERSON ...

Lucia Frutuoso (Brazi)


My name is Rabindranath Panda, and I have been living in Uganda with my family for the last four years. My wife, Minati, is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, and her doctor told her she would have to be on medication for the rest of her life as there is no treatment or cure for the disease. Naturally, I did not want Minati to suffer and I grew exceedingly frustrated because I could not think of any other way to ease the physical anguish she was experiencing. Minati's condition also got me very depressed because, before she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, our lives were pretty much problem-free. My job as a chef was extremely fulfilling and paid well, and Minati and I were looking forward to giving our one year-old son the very best in life. We were a very happy young family. Everything changed when Minati's condition was revealed. She had to receive further treatment in India, and I was actually contemplating leaving my job to accompany her. Of course, I was very upset about having to resign, but I had no other choice.

One day, my manager, Mr. Jeevan approached me and told me about something called Amezcua Bio Disc. He said it was very effective on joint pain, and encouraged me to buy one for my wife. 'You have nothing to lose', he said. I took Mr. Jeevan's advice and bought the Amezcua Bio Disc for my wife. From the time I placed my order to the time I received the product a few weeks later, I did more research about Amezcua Bio Disc, so when it arrived, I was convinced it would work.&nbsp I could hardly wait for my wife to try it out.

Minati has been using the Amezcua Bio Disc for about a week now, and she says it's positively miraculous. Her joint pains have improved tremendously, and finally, she is sleeping well at night. She no longer wakes up in pain, but instead, greets the day with a big smile on her face. She is a changed woman. And I am a changed man, because seeing my wife happy makes me happy. I have to thank Mr. Balajee, Mr. V. Shetty and Mr. Jeevan for changing my wife's life. I have already started recommending the Amezcua Bio Disc to my staff and friends, because I really believe it works.

Rabindranath Panda (Uganda)


My wife and I are both full-time QuestNet networkers, currently living in Sharjah in the UAE.

In May 2001, when we were living in Qatar, my wife experienced a stroke. Movement in her right hand and right leg was affected, so we returned to India, where she was warded at the well-known Manipal Hospital in Bangalore. A cerebral angiography diagnosed her condition as such: "Complete occlusion of internal carotid artery with suggestion of spontaneous dissection of left internal carotid artery".

Luckily for her, my wife recovered from her stroke very quickly and was not left physically disfigured. She did, however, have a slight limp in her right leg, and for five years after that, experienced the following problems:

1) She was unable to make a fist with her right hand

2) She could not write properly

3) She could not get the little finger of her right hand to meet the ring finger of her right hand - both fingers were permanently 'stuck' in a V position

4) She experienced continuous vibrations in her right palm

5) She suffered extreme pain and cramps in her right leg. In fact, she could not get up from a sitting position without someone helping her

After her stroke in 2001, she was also dependent on medication to ease her discomfort - Clopivas AP-150 tablets, which contain Clopidogrel and aspirin, and Nervijen capsules.

Earlier this year, we experienced a small miracle. On January 3, 2007, my wife started showering with, and consuming, Amezcua Bio Disc-treated water. She also started sleeping with the Bio Disc under her pillow. Before long, all her pain and discomfort were gone. She can now make a fist and write comfortably with her right hand, the little finger and ring finger on her right hand are back in their normal positions, she no longer experiences vibrations in her right palm, and she can sit down and get up on her own, without any help.

On October 13, 2006, we took a video of my wife giving a presentation in the Sharjah V-team office. As you will see, she has trouble moving her right hand properly, and her writing on the board resembles that of a kindergarten child. When you see my wife's handwriting now, it will be clear how much her condition has improved.

I have all my wife's medical records to prove how far she has progressed; we would be happy to share them with you if you wish.

My wife's life has returned to normal since using Bio Disc three months ago. We both cannot thank QuestNet and Dr Ian enough for giving us this wonderful product.

We hope this testimony helps as many stroke sufferers as possible. We hope to see you at V-Jakarta.

Nagaraj A S and Nalini Nagaraj (UAE)


I think that everything started when I was a little girl, and its appear on my neck a little bulges, which got down to my lung, and what could seem a small childhood thing, got complicated and they had to put me radiotherapy to burn it, cause they could not make a surgery, due its was touching the vocal chords and others important organs. They told to my mother, if, with this there are no results, she could say good bye to me. On that time we did not know, how they called this disease, today I know that it was a cancer and that God put his hands over me and keep doing it. After this I had my body every time tired and with so many pains. I was a clumsy girl, no run, little activities and exercises. So its was my childhood, I grow up thank a God and after 25 years old, I had 10 surgeries, 2 of them on the back, not so graves, but they made me slightly injured. You could not imagine, how strong and continuous pain I have, furthermore I have fibrosis. When I first heard about Bio Disc, I thought: "First to my sister, but I want also for me", and so its was, and Amezcua Bio Disc is wonderful, I think that I am another person, I work 8 hours out side home, as ever, but now that I have my Amezcua Bio Disc, I am fresh, with wish to do more and more; home work, other activities, with a good mood, its changes my character , even my character was ever calm down but it is now more rich, I think that is correct word. I am 51 years old and I feel so good that there is no activity to stop me; I am glad, I am happy, I think that thanks this doctor we are coming back to life. There are so many people, like me, who are so tired of suffering.

I have my Bio Disc on me all day, except when I am using it to energize water. Last week I have my hand cut (on the palm) and after cure it, I hold my Bio Disc all afternoon, after 2 days when I got out the cure, my hand was practically healed, Its is unbelievable! I say that I will never be apart of it, for my all my life.

Carmen Alonso Prieto (Spain)

Biodisc oh Biodisc..!!

Hari ni aku nk citer berkenaan dengan kegunaan biodisc. Biodisc ni direka berasakan air zam-zam. Air zam-zam sebenarnya mengandungi 26 mineral semulajadi di dalamnya. Namun air zam-zam adalah ciptaan Yang Maha Esa..kita sebagai manusia tak akan mungkin dapat meniru pembuatan air dengan menggunakan teknologi nano kuasa 10-9 Biodisc dicipta di Jerman diperbuat daripada kaca dan tiada expired date, tahan utk seumur hidup dan boleh diwarisi penggunaannya. Biodisc ditanam hanya dengan 13 mineral semulajadi dengan kajian selama 23 tahun. Dengan kuasa gelombang, apa-apa sahaja liquid (cecair) yang menyentuh atau berdekatan dengan Biodisc akan energize secara automatik. Diameter gelombang adalah sehingga 5 - 7.5 meter. So saper2 yang berada dalam lingkungan radius tu akan terkena gelombang Biodisc nie..

Untuk information kawan-kawan sekalian, biodisc boleh digunakan dlm 3 kategori:

1. cure/rawat penyakit
2. peremajaan
3. save oil and gas

Cure/Rawat Penyakit

Penyakit yang boleh dirawat menggunakan Biodisc telah ku nyatakan di post aku yang lepas..tapi ingin ku ulangi setakat ini semua penyakit telah berjaya dirawat menggunakan Biodisc kecuali HIV positive..belum dibuat testimonial lagi..Penyakit yg telah dirawat dan mendapat keberkesanan yang amat ketara adalah penyakit seperti darah tinggi, kencing manis, gout, kanser, lumpuh/stroke, ezema (penyakit kulit), sawan, gila, jantung, buah pinggang, resdung, jerawat dan macam2 penyakit lagi laa..Walau bagaimanapun, tahap kecepatan cure penyakit tu bergantung pada badan seseorang dan juga jenis penyakit..ada yg hanya mengambil masa 2 hari dan ada juga yang mengambil masa hingga 3 bulan.

Cara nk cure atau rawat penyakit menggunakan Biodisc mmg senang..iaitu melalui 4 cara:

1. minum - hanya menggunakan air mineral atau yang dimasak di rumah (senang nk dapat kan), alirkan air melalui biodisc..secara automatik air akan energize dan menyusun semula dan membaiki molekul-molekul air supaya bersusan secara sihat dan memberi kebaikan kepada si peminumnya di samping merawat segala penyakit2 yang ada di dalam badan. Semua org tau yang badan manusia 70% adalah air memainkan peranan yang penting dlm badan kita. Setiap hari pun kita dinasihatkan oleh Pakar Kesihatan supaya minum at least 8 gelas air sehari kan?betul tak?.. Just menggunakan air sahaja..tiada bahan kimia yang terlibat, so xdela badan kita ada kesan sampingan mcm ubat2 yang selalu kita mkn tu..Kalau lama-lama makan ubat leh dapat mcm2 kesan sampingan..jangka hayat pun leh berkurang..hehehe...

2. mandi - Cara penggunaan yang paling mudah kerana setiap hari kita bila nk mandi tu..alirkan air melalui Biodisc atau kalau malas rendam je Biodisc tu dalam baldi. Di samping merawat penyakit kulit, mandi dengan menggunakan air Biodisc gak leh menegangkan kulit2 kita..kulit akan menjadi sihat..kalau malas mandi..sendiri mau ingat la yer..!!

3. suluh - Biasanya cara penggunaan ni adalah untuk penyakit2 yang agak kritikal seperti stoke/lumpuh, rabun dan sawan. Suluh boleh dilakukan dengan menggunakan lampu suluh putih. Contohnya kalau rabun, hendaklah di suluh di bahagian belakang kepala. Di nasihatkan agar disuluh selama setengah jam dilakukan 2 kali sehari iaitu waktu pagi dan waktu malam sebelum tidur. Jarak antara Biodisc dengan kepala adalah di antara 5 cm sahaja. Insyaallah testimonial yang telah dibuat, rabun boleh sembuh selepas 3 hari. Kita hanya berusaha, tp ALLAH jua yang menentukan..Kalau penyakit lumpuh sebelah kiri hendaklah disuluh kepala sebelah kanan manakala kalau lumpuh sebelah kanan hendaklah disuluh di sebelah kiri, kalau lumpuh dari pinggang ke bawah hendaklah di suluh bahagian pinggangnya...Kalau lumpuh seluruh badan hendaklah di suluh di atas kepala.

4. letak di tempat sakit - Kaedah yang paling senang, just letak di tempat yang sakit. Contohnya kalau sakit letak Biodisc tu di bahagian pinggan, kalau penyakit breast letak je Biodisc tu di dalam baju dalam. kalau sakit lutut lak..just letak di bahagian lutut jela..malam-malam balut je Biodisc tu kat lutut atau tapak kaki.


Biasanya di aplikasikan utk dalam peti ais agar sayur, buah-buahan dan bahan mentah seperti ikan, udang, sotong, ayam supaya tahan lama dan segar. Cara penggunaannya ialah melalui 3 cara. Pertamanya letak Biodisc di dalam peti ais.. di samping bertindak sebagai agen utk membaik pulih sel-sel rosak pada syuran atau buah-buahan, Biodisc gak leh bertindak utk menyahbau di dalam peti ais. Cara keduanya adalah dengan menggunakan air yang telah dirawat dengan Biodisc, simpan sebotol air tu kt dalam peti ais. Cara keberkesanannya adalah sama dengan menyimpan Biodisc di dalam peti ais. Ini adalah kerana air yang telah dirawat dan fully energize akan transfer gelombang ke dalam seluruh benda-benda hidup di dalam peti ais termasuk any liquid. Ketiganya ialag dengan membasuh sayur, buahan dan bahan mentah tadi dengan menggunakan air Biodisc. Selepas seminggu tahap kesegaran bahan2 tadi Insyaallah sama seperti yang kita baru beli. Biodisc melambatkan sistem penuaan di dalam sel-sel sayur, buah-buahan dan bahan2 mentah td..
Penggunaan ni gak boleh diaplikasikan ke atas manusia. So saper-saper yang nk kelihatan muda seperti sy ni..leh la cuma guna Biodisc..minum je air Biodisc setiap hari..confirm tak akan nampak tua dan muka makin berseri-seri..cuba tgk gambar sy..ada ke nampak mcm 28thn..hehehehe...

Save Oil & Gas

Saper-saper yang menggunakan kereta akan dapat manfaat yang sangat besar dengan Biodisc ni..kerana Biodisc boleh menjimatkan minyak kereta anda di antara 30% - 50%..agak byk gak tu..Cara penggunaan yang paling senang..first..dengan menggunkan air Biodisc yang telah dirawat..sembur air tersebut pada hose hitam kat pam tu..then lekatkan atau pegang Biodisc tu pada hose..then tarik picu dan pam minyak secara perlahan-lahan...Insyaallah mmg jimat..guna Toyota Camry lama..enjin 1.6 tp telah diubahsuai..Contoh terdekatnya sy telah alami sendiri..kos minyak utk balik dari Putrajaya ke Pasir Mas, Kelantan hanya RM45-RM50 sahaja untuk jarak lebih kurang 500km. mmg pun tak percaya..tapi itula kenyataannya...naik Vios pun RM90 utk sampai ke Kelantan..padahal Vios dikatakan kereta yang paling jimat penggunaannya minyaknya..begitu gak Viva..hampir RM100 gak dari putrajaya ke kelantan...

So secara kesimpulannya..sape2 yang berminat nk tau lebih lanjut berkenaan Biodisc ni..leh berjumpa saya..atau call/sms 012-246 3137 atau 03-8886 2596 (waktu office hour jela) hehehe..setiap malam seorg ustaz, pensyarah Bahasa Arab di UKM, Bangi akan mengadakan sesi ceramah secara percuma pada pukul 9 - 11 malam. Sesiapa sahaja dijemput..


Amezcua Bio Disc (Water Re-Defined) Amezcua Bio Disc diperbuat daripada mineral semula jadi yang melalui kejuruteraan teknikal dan digabungkan secara struktur dengan kaca pada paras molekular menggunakan kaedah pelakuran haba tinggi. Melalui gabungan mineral dan teknik pelakuran, medan tenaga yang positif dihasilkan.

Amezcua Bio Disc telah dinilai oleh pelbagai institusi dan diketahui dapat mengurangkan nilai ketegangan permukaan air. Ini seterusnya membuatkan air lebih terhidrat dan dengan itu meningkatkan pemindahan nutrien ke dalam dan keluar sel tubuh. Air yang dirawat dengan Amezcua Bio Disc juga menghasilkan kristal air yang cantik dan baik, petunjuk bagi air yang mempunyai paras tenaga yang tinggi dan berkualiti baik. Pelbagai hasil ujian lain juga mendedahkan bahawa Amezcua Bio Disc boleh meningkatkan paras tenaga dan keharmonian pada pengguna yang menggunakan cakera atau air yang dirawat menggunakannya.

Faedah Utama
Merasa segar semula dan kembali muda. Minum air yang dirawat dengan Amezcua Bio Disc untuk meningkatkan paras keharmonian dan tenaga anda. Ia memudahkan pemindahan nutrien ke dalam dan ke luar tubuh.

Aplikasi Disyorkan
* Pertingkatkan minuman anda serta merta dengan mengalirkannya di atas Amezcua Bio Disc.

* Letakkan bekas krim dan kosmetik anda di atas Amezcua Bio Disc untuk menambah tenaganya. Anda akan mendapati kadar penyerapan yang lebih baik.

* Siram tumbuhan anda dengan air yang dirawat dengan Amezcua Bio Disc.

* Letakkan Amezcua Bio Disc di dalam peti sejuk anda untuk merangsang kualiti dan rasa makanan dan minuman anda.
* Basuh buah-buahan dan sayuran anda dengan Amezcua Bio Disc untuk memberinya tenaga dan mengekalkan kesegarannya lebih lama.
* Bawa Amezcua Bio Disc bersama anda untuk meningkatkan paras keharmonian dan tenaga anda.
* Letakkan minuman dan botol di atas Amezcua Bio Disc.

Kualiti Pembuatan

Medan Tenaga Positif
Ujian mesin PROGNOS menunjukkan bahawa Amezcua Bio Disc mempunyai medan tenaga positif. Keputusan ujian juga menunjukkan bahawa selepas meminum air yang dirawat dengan Amezcua Chi Pendant, paras tenaga pengguna meningkat dan dengan itu ketidakharmonian sistem meridian mereka berkurangan.

Keputusan ujian PROGNOS:
Tahap tenaga pengguna meningkat dan dengan itu ketidakharmonian sistem meridian mereka berkurangan dari 48% ke 34%.

I.H.M. Institute, Jepun

Paras Tenaga dalam Air dan Kualiti Air
Penyelidikan menunjukkan terdapat korelasi antara pembentukan kristal air dan kualiti air, dari segi darjah pencemaran. Dalam penyelidikan I.H.M Institute baru-baru ini, ia menjadi jelas bahawa tenaga boleh mempengaruhi pembentukan kristal air. Justeru, pembentukan kristal air menggambarkan bukan sahaja aspek fizikal tetapi aspek maklumat atau tenaga air. Sampel air dengan imbangan mineral dan tenaga yang baik sering menghasilkan kristal yang terbentuk dengan cantik.

Eksperimen kristal air yang dilakukan di Institut I.H.M. menunjukkan air yang dirawat dengan Amezcua Bio Disc menghasilkan kristal air yang cantik dan baik berbanding air suling biasa. Air yang dirawat didapati mempunyai kurang kristal air yang “tertekan”.



Pensijilan Medan Tenaga Positif
Kesan Amezcua Bio Disc ke atas kualiti air dan keadaan bio-tenaga tubuh manusia diuji oleh Dr Manfred Doepp di Holistic Center di Jerman, menggunakan diagnostik meridian.

Keputusan menunjukkan Amezcua Bio Disc mempunyai kesan positif ke atas air. Air yang dirawat dengan Amezcua Bio Disc mempunyai paras tenaga dan keharmonian yang meningkat. Keputusan ujian juga menunjukkan bahawa apabila Amezcua Bio Disc dipegang oleh pengguna, paras tenaga dan keharmonian menunjukkan peningkatan signifikan.

PSB Laboratory, Singapura

Nilai Ketegangan Permukaan Air
Keputusan menunjukkan bahawa selepas dirawat dengan Amezcua Bio Disc, nilai ketegangan permukaan air yang dirawat menghampiri nilai air tulen. Perubahan nilai ketegangan permukaan menjadikan air lebih bio-tersedia, justeru meningkatkan pemindahan nutrien ke dalam dan ke luar melalui dinding sel tubuh.


Kualiti Pembuatan
Amezcua Bio Disc Gelas diperbuat di kilang SCHOTT AG di Jerman. SCHOTT AG telah mencapai standard EN ISO 9001:2000 bagi sistem pengurusan kualitinya.

More info:

Ingin ku tegaskan kat sini..sesiapa yang ada penyakit boleh diubati dengan Biodisc ni..setakat ni semua penyakit boleh diubati kecuali HIV positif..semua penyakit termasuk sakit jantung, strok, migrain, kencing manis, gout, darah tinggi, buah pinggang, kanser, penyakit gila dan sebagainya telah dibuat testimoni...dan Alhamdulillah..semuanya sembuh dengan izin Allah..Biodisc hanya dirawat dengan menggunakan air dan tidak langsung dicampur dengan bahan2 kimia..kerana badan manusia 70% adalah air...